Application Process

Reminder: All eligible applications received during an application period will be included in the random selection if more students apply than spaces available at the school. Applications are NOT accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How To Apply?

Connect With Admissions

Office Of Admissions

Contact Us
Use the online chat button to request more information about the Music Foundation School of Arts and Academics.
Phone: (770) 314-8686
Email: [email protected]

Download Online Application

Click here to download our student application.
Click here to download our application packet.

Then fax your completed application and packet forms to 770-314-8687, or email at [email protected].   Coming soon, our online application.

Next Steps for Accepted Students

Note: It will take 48-72 hours from the time of acceptance before you can access student systems to complete these next steps.

  1. Receive your student ID Card.  Your student ID card will be your primary identification as an MFSAA student.  Please ensure all information on your card is accurate.  Please contact admissions if any information is inaccurate.
  2. Submit Immunizations.  Go to to learn how to submit your immunization records to our Student Health Center. Avoid registration delays by submitting your records as soon as possible.
  3. Coming Soon, MFSAA Web Services. The MFSAA Web Services information portal that houses everything you need as an admitted student. Here you can see your schedule, assignments, grades, and view your student account balance and more. Log in to your MFSAA Web Services account and get familiar with everything it has to offer.
  4. Submit your Intent to Enroll.  This form informs Admissions of your decision to attend MFSAA for a specified term and helps us prepare for your upcoming registration and enrollment.
  5. Attend Orientation.  Learn more about your school by attending orientation. Students will attend an on-campus orientation. Here, you can take a tour and talk with MFSAA faculty and staff about your upcoming curriculum.  Learn more about the MFSAA orientation programs.

Note: Please check back for updated information.