Fine Arts

At MFSAA, Fine Arts education includes the study of dance, drums, piano and voice.

The MFSAA Fine Arts program was developed for each subject area and are guides for planning high school elective choices. A wide variety of elective courses are offered at Georgia schools at the secondary level in dance, music, theatre, visual and media arts and are chosen by local systems and schools to benefit their students.
In addition to classroom instruction, there are many activities that help students master Fine Arts content and skills such as local, regional and national art shows, performances and contests. Community arts partnerships and arts integration into core curricular areas are also part of students Fine Arts education opportunities. A list of resources is at the bottom of this webpage.

Fine Arts Standards

The MFSAA Standards of Excellence have been created in Dance, Drums, Piano, and Voice. The full adoption of the Arts begins in the 2018-19 school year.
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