The MFSAA Career website offers employment opportunities in a variety of positions including faculty, staff, and other academic positions.

How long does the hiring process take? Who makes the final decision?

The hiring process may vary. Once your application is screened by Recruitment, it is forwarded to the hiring manager. Each department has its own process that may include multiple interviews. The hiring department makes the final decision. They then notify the Recruitment office, and we will proceed with the formal offer.

Do you have internships or volunteer positions?

Yes. To arrange for unpaid internships, you must contact the department you are interested in directly. Internships are not coordinated by the Recruitment office. To volunteer at Miracle Foundation School of Arts and Academics, call Volunteer Services at (770) 314-8686 or apply using our Volunteer Form.

How do I know if my online application has been received?

You will receive an auto-response confirming receipt of your application.

Should I email, fax or mail my resume if I have already applied online?

No. The online application is all we need.

External Applicants

Not currently employed by Miracle Foundation School of Arts and Academics.

For assistance with the external application process, please use the External Applicant Job Aid.

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Internal Applicants

Currently employed by MFSAA, including current student employees and graduate assistants.

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