Welcome To Miracle Foundation of Arts & Academics

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to The Miracle Foundation of Arts & Academics. Our customized programs include individualized resources for children of diverse social, economic, and educational backgrounds. Our goal is to help each child become successful physically, mentally and spiritually and serve each family with love and support.

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The Miracle Foundation Of Arts & Academics believes that all children are born for greatness. Thus, we are mission-driven to create a challenging, engaging, and satisfying personal experience for each child. We promote activities that not only build social, academic and artistic skills, but also leadership skills with a strong moral compass. We support children in becoming the most capable and most resilient version of themselves. That means giving each child space, encouragement, and resources they need to succeed in life. We create a positive community of leaders and innovators through mentoring, counseling, academics, and fine arts.



Mentoring & Counseling Programs

Assisting At Risk Students

College Scholarships